The Soft Truth: Reflection

The soft truth is, as described by the author, a story about “the intersection of technology, popular culture, and the lived we have lived inside of machines”. The narrator/main character has just gotten fired from her job for something she said online, although exactly what was said is not revealed. She begins to see another version of herself in the world, and is fascinated by a thumbnail of a gelatin orb. The narrator professes that she often watches “satisfying” YouTube videos, yet she cannot find the actual video associated with the Thumbnail for a long time. She finally finds the video in the end when she views the video on her phone, as the format is different revealing the name of the clip.

At the end of the story, the narrator says that everything she knows suddenly makes sense now that she found the gelatin sphere video. These types of satisfying YouTube videos are said to be calming/relieve stress, so in one sense I can see how she gets that feelings after finally finding the long-anticipated video. I think that the narrator seeing another version of herself might reference the separate identities that come with creating an online presence. Online personas often present a picture of perfection that is not accurate to reality, so perhaps when the narrator finally finds that video she is experiencing a form of freedom/reconciliation between herself and that different online identity.

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