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Lights, Camera, Radio!

Week 8 Daily Creates

This week, we only had 2 Daily Creates and I was very thankful because completing the radio show was very time consuming! However, they were entertaining as usual and my favorite one was recreating a childhood photo. I used a photo collage app for that daily create which was fairly simple, and for the other I simply looked up examples of Vogon poetry and wrote from the heart. Enjoy!

Radio Show – Operation Childhood

In this blog, I will be talking about the second half of the process in making our radio show. Firstly, we all texted to decide on a time that would work for everyone to actually record our show. We decided on a more relaxed, podcast style for the main content of our show, and a more scripted structure for the bumpers and commercials. On Wednesday at 3:30pm, we all got on the app Discord and decided we would record there because the sound quality is better than on Zoom. Initially, we ran into some problems on how to record our audio, because we couldn’t figure out how to use the digital assistant “Craig” who exists within Discord. We decided it was easiest to record the audio through the Voice Memo app on the iPhone. Because I was using Discord on my laptop, my iPhone was available to be used as the recorder. I set my phone a little distance from my laptop so the sound wouldn’t be muffled or altered from being too close to the speaker. We did a little test recording to make sure the quality was alright, and we were satisfied with it so we proceeded to record that way for the entire show. We all began to converse and tell our childhood stories, and it ended up going rather smoothly. We recorded our intro and outro during the take of our entire podcast so the editing process would be simpler. Once we finished talking, I uploaded the recording of our podcast into Google Drive and then shared it with my other group members so we would all have access to it. Our group member Jonah had the most audio editing experience, so he took the lead while we all met again to talk through the edits. We all emailed Jonah the audio files of our bumpers and commercials so he could put them all in one place with our podcast audio, and there it was! We had our completed radio show! I think for a first attempt, we did a fairly good job using audio editing techniques and creating a cohesive final product. I truly hope you all listen to our hard work, and I am looking forward to hearing the shows from the rest of the class.

Below, I am going to embed the link to our show for all enjoy!

As always, thanks for tuning in. More exciting things to come as the semester draws to a close! See you next week.