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This page contains all relevant media that was referenced in the podcast, as well as a few extras, including little descriptions accompanying each so you can follow along as you listen or check back after to episode to see what we were talking about!

Reference Map of the Islands of the Outer Banks

Present Day Look at the OBX

“Croatoan” found carved in a tree at the abandoned colony

*Croatoan was the name of one of the Native American tribes living in the Outer Banks at this time (late 1500s)

The witch “Sc├íthach” played by Lady Gaga in AHS Roanoke

Kathy Bates plays a completely fictional depiction of John White’s wife Tomasyn in AHS Roanoke

Blackbeard the Pirate frequented the OBX and was killed here in 1718

Painting of the Civil War Battle of Hatteras Inlet that took place in August 1861

The Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum located in Dare County, NC

The Wright Brothers National Memorial located in Kill Devil Hills, NC

The Wright Memorial Bridge, the primary access point to the OBX


The opening shot for the Outer Banks Netflix Show

Sarah Cameron’s House in OBX – a Southern Plantation House in South Carolina


What a Historical Beach Cottage actually looks like in the Outer Banks

Top: Ferry depicted in the Netflix Show Outer Banks. Below: Real Hatteras Island to Ocracoke Ferry

Map showing the distance between the Outer Banks and Chapel Hill, NC

Links used throughout the research and process to create this week’s episode:

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