Gaming Journal #2

Oh boy.

Firstly, this week was exciting because I was finally got to dive into some serious gameplay!!! I have been playing BioShock throughout the week and wow – if my anxiety wasn’t bad before it sure is now. I am playing on Easy mode because although I have played some first-person shooter games before, it was always with my brother and not traversing solo through a story mode. I tend to panic slightly when it’s just me vs. everything so this game mode should allow for a few seconds of said panic before instant death, so that’s a plus.

The controls to this game are fairly simple (I am playing on an Xbox One). So right trigger to shoot, left toggle to crouch, etc. are all familiar. However what has thrown me so far is that aiming in is not done with the opposite trigger but rather with one of the toggles, which has taken a lot of getting used to. Initially I kept switching between the electric bolt and my guns when I was in fact trying to aim in, but it is slowly getting better. Another big thing I have noticed in this first week is how critical the audio is in this game. Almost all of the instructions are given via radio and I have found it not only extremely helpful but necessary to be listening closely at all times for tips/guidance.

The graphics in this game are not scary – there is some gore, but no images/characters that are terrifying per se. However, I am very unsettled every time I play for some reason. It brings me back to the days when I would play the Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies game mode with my brother. I think I might have some unresolved trauma (not seriously) from that game – I get the same feeling of panic/adrenaline when the splicers run at me in BioShock as I did when the Zombies would do so at Nacht der unToten. I bring this up only to highlight the how the dynamic changes, at least for me, with this genre of games playing them solo versus with a partner.

I pray that my dreams are free of splicers, Little Sisters, or worst of all – Big Daddies. Until next week.

*I have continued to take note of the rhetoric within the script of the game as well as the “decor” of the levels, and so far the social commentary proposed in my first gaming journal has been supported. Will continue to research.

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