Final Project: The Plan

  • For my final project, I decided on doing a podcast style presentation, however I want to include images throughout the presentation so I either will do a voiceover with changing images or do a podcast and then create an additional post as a resource page where you can see images of what is talked about in the episode, like many podcasts do today.
  • I am going to be talking about the history of the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and then talking about media that has been created inspired by the area. There will be a prelude section that contains a smaller story about a legend from the Outer Banks, The Lost Colony, and then talk about the American Horror Story season based on that legend. I will mainly just be talking about stylistic choices in the TV show and how it is derived from the legend, as well as how it departs from it. Then for the main story, I will first give a brief overview of the history of the area and then compare it to another TV show inspired by the OBX literally called the Outer Banks. It is a fictional TV show for young adults and gained great popularity upon its release in the summer of 2020. It is on Netflix and has a second season coming out. Again, I will be using the actual history of the area and my current experiences living here to do a podcast style informal analysis of stylistic choices within the show and how they reflect/do not reflect the reality of the area.
  • Below I am going to upload some of the media I plan to use either in the voiceover or on the “podcast resource page”.
  • I will be using audacity to edit the audio as well as attempt to create a theme song for the podcast to play in between the prelude and the main story. I will also be creating a podcast logo.
  • The Lost Colony
  • Prelude: talk about the legend, historically what is known and then talk about how it has inspired new media to be created, American Horror Story season
  • Main body of podcast/historical documentary: Talk about the history of the Outer Banks and truths about it, and then talk about the TV Show Outer Banks and then analyze and comment on how the show depicted the area – accuracy/inaccuracy, filming/staging choices, depiction of locals/socioeconomic makeup of the area, etc.
  • This is a very rough outline but I have a plan I promise! I have all the historical research completed and plan to read a script from it.

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