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Audio (Week 5 Summary)

It’s Audio Week!

Radio Bumper

This bumper was created using Audacity. I recorded my voice and then found a free source music track to place behind the talking. I used the Envelope Tool on Audacity to quiet the background music behind the speaking part, and used fade in and fade out effects to clean up the ends.

DS106 Audio Assignments

Assignment #1: Funny Voiceover

Eminem is really passionate about his McDonalds. For this assignment, I used iMovie to add clips together of an Eminem rap battle but instead of his usually angry singing, Eminem is rapping the Mcdonalds rap song.

Assignment #2: New vs. Old

For this assignment, I took the song “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and remixed the original version with the Glee cover using Audacity.

Assignment #3: Tongue Twister

This assignment was to record yourself saying a tongue twister and layer a sound in the background. I recited a tongue twister about a woodchuck and then played nature sounds in the background to keep the theme consistent, and edited the tracks together using Audacity.

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