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First Post Within this Perfectly Square February (Week 2 Summary)

The perfect order of this month is in direct contrast with the disorder of my life lol

Daily Creates: Week 2

I had a lot of fun doing the daily creates this week, I have embedded all of my submissions below. They were a nice change of pace to insert some creativity into my otherwise boring day. I like how the posts are based in technology, but at the core is the practice of sharing one’s personality through electronic expression. My favorite post was writing a poem from the perspective of a cat… I mean who would have ever thought to do so 🙂 These daily creates provide a good opportunity to get my ds106 Twitter more involved with this class, and integrated into my blog. I found myself practicing new skills in photo editing, and doing a lot of image uploading. I am looking forward to practicing more and learning new skills through these fun assignments.

Week 2: Assignments and Reflections

Assignment #1: A Mask Made of Skin

(Link to the original assignment post)

A Mask Made of Skin

His face can change just

as the weather does, no one

will see his true form

The assignment here was to write a haiku based on a movie you have seen. While The Talented Mr. Ripley is one of my favorite movie, I chose to write about it in this assignment for reasons beyond that. This assignment was a writing based one, the medium in which I feel most comfortable with so far. It was where I wanted to start to get my bearings. But I had to remember the movie, look back on the themes, remember the mystery that is Mr. Ripley. I re-read the IMDb summary (linked here) and thought back to how I felt watching the movie. The torment of Mr. Ripley. What stuck out to me most was his struggle with identity. That is why I wrote “A Mask Made of Skin”. He wears a mask throughout the whole movie, but not physically. He will never show the world who he truly is… he is afraid of his inadequacy. While his methods are highly questionable, (not to mention ilegal) his struggles are familiar. I honestly wished the haiku structure was not so rigid and short while completing this assignment. It’s order and balance is so contradictory to the movie and Mr. Ripley’s character. But I felt that there was an interesting parallel created: Mr. Ripley tries to create stability and peace in his life, to find order among chaos. I tried to do the same with the haiku – tried to capture chaos in 3 lines with measured syllables.

Assignment #2: A Picture is Worth… # Words

(Link to the original assignment post)

This assignment was simple: choose your favorite photo and describe why you love it so much. This was categorized as a visual assignment, so taking baby steps! This photo is of my dog, Shiloh. To be honest, it was very difficult trying to pick a favorite picture, I’m honestly wayy too indecisive to do that. But I chose this photo because of what it made me feel. I feel like people don’t stop and think about how emotional it can be to scroll through your own camera roll. Pictures are beautiful and tragic. They capture moments then instantly cause them to become the past. They are beautiful because they let you experience a fraction of that moment, and tragic because they remind you that you can never truly exist in that moment ever again. But this picture always makes me feel joy. The sun paints the image with clear and bright beauty. I love my dog so much, and seeing her so happy makes me happy. The flecks of sand in her nose remind me of the fun she had playing in the sand, and the fun I had watching her. She is loyal and loves me, and this photo somehow captures all those warm feelings and displays them. The actual process of posting this picture here was simple as I said before: Image, Upload, Select. But what it evokes is anything but, and writing about it compounds the impact of the image itself. It adds more to the story.

Assignment #3: New Horizons

(Link to the original assignment post)

This assignment fell under the “Web Assignment” category. After getting my feet wet with the first two assignments this week, I wanted to challenge myself to try something new. This assignment utilized the iPhone app Stellar, a photo/video sharing and editing app. One of the suggested topics was to share experiences from a vacation, so I created a story from my trip to Costa Rica years ago. The process was more challenging than my previous assignments. I downloaded the Stellar app, and then I uploaded the photos I wanted to include. Once they were uploaded, I rearranged the order in the way I wanted and added captions to tell a little more about what each moment meant. I added music over the progression of photos that I felt fit the mood the experience I was sharing. Then I previewed it, made some changes, and posted it. I then linked my Stellar account to my Twitter in order to share it here. There were more steps involved to making this final product, and that was good. I learned a new way to share things. My experience is now not only mine but all those who watch it as well. I know it probably won’t mean much to others but it was cool to document it, and to expand my online skills/knowledge. If anything, I hope this short little visual story can take someone far away for even just a moment, to a simpler place of quiet beauty. I hope they can feel a bit of what I felt there, even if after 20 seconds reality sets back in. This was definitely a learning process, and one that needs to be refined: something I noticed was that the resolution of some of my photos in the story was way worse than the actual pictures themselves. I don’t know yet how to fix that – but it’s all part of the process.

Thanks for listening, more to come soon.


Hello, Nice to Meet You

Week 1 Reflections

This week was full of learning new things and practicing the fine art of patience. Setting up the Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud accounts was more accessible and a little easier than discovering and navigating WordPress and my own domain for the first time. I actually had some trouble even submitting this blog into the DS106 thread so there was definitely a learning curve! Looking back on this week, I can see that I have a long way to go throughout this course. That both excites and worries me simply due to the asynchronous nature of this class. Despite these challenges, I am so excited to be taking this class and to learn from our professor as well as from you all! I am grateful to have to opportunity to learn new skills and to practice becoming comfortable on all the relevant media outlets that we are using. Can’t wait to take new skills away from this class with all of your help! I think that with more practice, and learning from all of you through your posts, soon we will all have a better grasp on things.

I really like the uniqueness of this course. I was lucky to even be able to take it this semester, and I am looking forward to getting better at formatting internet pages – especially in WordPress! Additionally, I look forward to seeing how creative everyone else is. I have already gone through several of y’alls blog posts and was so impressed by the complexity of some and all the different identities everyone had to share.

Now here’s some random stuff about me in case anyone was interested (lol)

  • I like Star Wars, the Harry Potter Series, and True Crime.
  • Mindhunter and the Great British Bake Off on Netflix are great shows.
  • American Beauty is my favorite movie. Looper is a close second.
  • Can’t wait to learn more about you all and see how our blogs and posts evolve over the semester!