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Mash-mixes and Re-ups (Week 12 Summary)

live look at my brain after remix & mashups week

Mashup Assignment #1 (4 stars)

For this assignment, I used Pixlr to do some photo editing mashups with different movie stills. Below, you will see Tom Ripley and Dickie Greenleaf from The Talented Mr. Ripley arguing in a boat while Jack and Rose from Titanic exchange their last, sweet parting words. Be nice if the Ripley crew let them onto their boat…

Mashup Assignment #2 (4.5 stars)

This assignment was to show the progression of an actor/actress throughout their years in the spotlight. I chose to highlight Lindsay Lohan’s progression, as I grew up watching her movies all throughout my childhood and early adulthood. Her transformation is definitely dramatic, but I chose to include more of her better moments before her last picture in an orange jumpsuit. Please watch and listen along for the poignant song choice. I used a video template in the Tik Tok app to complete this assignment, and selected and edited the audio to match with the pictures the way I wanted.

Daily Creates – Week 12

This week’s #dailycreates were fairly simple, and are embedded below for your viewing pleasure!

Remix Assignment #1

Per the brief for the week, one of our “remix it” assignments needed to incorporate something we had already completed for the class this semester. While I was scrolling through the mashup assignments for the week, I was inspired by the assignments that detailed changing the audio behind a video to create opposing effects. For last week’s blog, I created a travel documentary trailer and placed a happy, upbeat audio track behind it that matched the mood of the trailer. To mix it up this week however, I went into iMovie again and decided to place a horror movie-esque soundtrack that did not match the content of the trailer at all. The resulting new trailer, embedded below, more so resembles one of the documentaries about a family murder-mysteries that are so popular today… a little eerie. But regardless, the message of the trailer was definitely remixed to create a bit of unease and confusion, which I believe was the point of this week.

Remix Assignment #2

This remix portion of this assignment emphasized over the top editing and color choices – I hope that is obvious by the otherworldly coloring of Katniss and Tris. It said to make the final product bad, and not the good kind of bad. I do however think that the strange colors are kind of reminiscent of a hellfire laden dystopia. I chose to combine these two franchises because they have nearly identical themes: dystopian societies, female heroine, survival, love stories, tyrannical leadership etc. I don’t think the world is ready for this crossover yet but when it is, I have the movie poster ready. The Divergent Games: the ultimate display of feminine strength and power. In theaters Summer 2050.

Here we are again at the end of another week. This semester is flying by.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s work, and as always – stay tuned for more.