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Breaking into the Business (Week 7)

This week in DS106, we embarked on a group project to make our own radio show. This process overall was very insightful and taught me to learn and practice new skills, both technologically speaking and in group communication. This post is going up a little late, and I apologize for that, but sometimes you run into roadblocks when trying to communicate with partners when none of us are in the same place. COVID has caused all of us students to be living and learning in different places, so our only means of contact is really email or phone. Although I had difficulties initially getting in touch with my group, they were so gracious and helpful about getting me up to speed and working together to make sure we all got involved in creating the final project. We all posted our individual work on a google doc in order to see where everyone was in the process, as well as created a group message to talk, plan, and collaborate on how to realize our final show. The work I will be including here was supposed to be from last week, however it is the same work that was to be done.

*Stay tuned for later today when I will be updating my blog with our final project, and a description of the process that went into uniting all our group parts into a whole to produce our final show.

Work for the Week

First off, all the group members had to create our own logo, radio bumper, and radio commercial. This was the most individual effort of the whole project I’d say, although we talked about the theme for the show overall. Below, I’m going to post my logo, bumper, and commercial, and talk through the process of creating each.

Logo: DS106 Radio

Here is the logo I created for our show. The radio channel our show will be broadcast on is of course DS106 radio, so that is where the inspiration for this logo came from. I went online to free logo generator to create this logo. I inputted my desired name, then searched for a music theme to find an image that represented sound. Sound is the biggest element of radio because it is a totally audible form of media. Then, since our show is about childhood memories, I chose this image because it evokes the past through the picture of a cassette tape. I thought that this logo brought together all the elements I wanted to encapsulate for out show and I really liked the color scheme and font choice.

Radio Bumper: Don’t go anywhere

To create this bumper, I used the free editing app Audacity. After watching a few beginner videos, Audacity is easy to use and very user-friendly. Our group used the same track for all of our bumpers to create cohesion among the radio show as a whole. So first, I uploaded the bumper music track into Audacity. Then, I recorded myself saying the script for the bumper. These two steps were easy, but now I had to edit. There is a tool in Audacity called “envelop”, and you can use this tool to make one audio track quieter than another. I did this so that my voice wouldn’t be competing with or drowned out by the bumper music. Once I did this, I decided to add fade in and fade out effects to the beginning and ends of the bumper audio as a whole so it would create a smoother transition from whatever came before it in the show. Finally, I saved the finished audio then downloaded it as an MP3 file so that it was able to be sent via email/uploaded to my WordPress.

Radio Commercial: Go Go Squeeze Applesauce

To create this commercial, I followed nearly all the same steps I did when creating my bumper. The only difference here was I had to find my own unique background music to go in the back of my commercial. I went online and downloaded an open source music track that was an upbeat, acoustic guitar song. Because I would be speaking in my commercial, of course I wanted just an instrumental background song. I uploaded that song into Audacity, recorded my commercial, then used the envelope tool to make my voice audible over the music. The reason I chose to use Go Go Squeeze as the product for my commercial was because the theme of our radio show was childhood memories. I am really glad I feel more comfortable using audacity now so that I can implement it for my audio needs in the future.

Can’t wait to show everyone the final product of our show! Stay tuned.