“Uzi, Uzi… Not Again” (Week 6 Summary)

This just in: Lil Uzi Vert redesigns his face with a 10 carat diamond to convey a message of extreme wealth. More news at 10.

Daily Creates

Unfortunately, I only have one Daily Create to analyze this week. (Apologies). It is embedded below:

This Daily Create was interactive and demonstrated the amazing ability of cross media interaction and creation. For this create, I was directed to a website that allowed the image of a famous painting to be cropped to size and turned into a unique QR code that was compatible with the video game, Animal Crossing. Once created, this code could be scanned in the Animal Crossing game and produce a tiny, digital version of the famous painting within your own Animal Crossing World. My sister has our Nintendo Switch right now so I sent her this create in the hopes she will upload it into her game and display the painting in her house. I looked through my classmates’ examples of those who had access to the Animal Crossing game and it was so cool to see the little digital copies of the paintings present in their worlds. The quality of the graphics was impressive in that the paintings in the game were immediately recognizable to those we selected off the Getty website. This create was one of my favorites so far, as I liked how it had some immediate application outside the classroom.

Assignment #1: Now Vogue – (original assignment post)

Firstly, I’ll start off explaining the mechanics of completing this assignment. I looked for a photo in my camera roll where I had done my makeup at least (as being on the cover of a magazine might prompt one to do). I thought this picture was perfect because I went beyond that – I was in a full-on costume with face paint. I figured it could be used for Vogue’s (possibly non-existent) Halloween Edition. After selection my photo, I followed the assignment instructions and uploaded the picture into the Instagram story section and began to edit. I added the Times New Roman font for the magazine title and matched the color of the title to the clothes I was wearing, for aesthetic purposes. Then, I typed a caption/description in the same font but different color, and dragged it to the side of the image to simulate a magazine cover. This assignment helped me further understand how design can help change the message of an image. Although this is a clearly “homemade” version of Vogue magazine, adding the title and the blurb helped it look like something other than a personal selfie. The use of a specific font also emphasized the element of typography in design, whereby using Times New Roman I could come closest to emulating the real magazine. This assignment additionally helped me further grasp the theme of #ourstory. The photo I chose started off as just a personal photo I took, nothing special, not much to it. However, through the changes made through the assignment, the photo now has more artistic value as it meaning/appearance changes from personal to part of what we are all collectively learning. Through my own work and seeing others in class transform their more personal forms of expression, we are all contributing to our story by creating images that have meaning to those beyond ourselves.

Assignment #2: Call the Fire Department, I’m About to Drop my Mixtape

(original assignment post)

This post was incredibly fun to make and I have to say the end result is one of my favorite of what I have produced in class thus far. To create this “album cover”, I downloaded an app called PicsArt. This app has an incredibly wide range of photo editing abilities. I researched how to transform a regular picture into an album cover, and discovered that it involved techniques like increasing the saturation, adding a grainy effect, and placing a “parental advisory” sticker in the corner. I uploaded this original photo into the app and then promptly applied each of the changes I read about, until the photo looked the way I wanted it to and the way I had seen others look. I think it turned out looking fairly legit and it was great getting access to so many better quality photo-editing tools that I can use in future assignments. Last of all, this assignment also applies to the #ourstory theme. The assignment to make an album cover that I chose happens to also be a big trend on the app TikTok right now. I knew that this meant there would be easily accessible information online to create a photo like this. Through sharing each other’s art, we are able to give and receive greater access to means that can help achieve our separate creative visions. I think that our story is about sharing about ourselves in order to contribute to a larger pool of creativity that is expressed through digital storytelling.

Assignment #3: Tough Love – (original assignment post)

While this assignment was very humorous, it also really did teach me more about the power of design. The task was to take an image that conveyed one feeling, and then create a caption that completely contradicted that initial feeling. To create this image, I searched for an image that radiated positivity, achievement, and hope. This image of a man reaching success under a beautiful sky conveyed that sense of accomplishment well. I then uploaded that image into instagram and created the caption, which reads “Don’t Bother Trying, You’ll Never Reach It”. Obviously, this phrase evokes the opposite sentiment of the photo itself. It’s basically telling the viewer to give up on reaching that paradise of success, as there is no real hope of ever achieving it. All jokes aside, I thought that this assignment helped again to portray the power of design in message delivery. The compound image I created was designed to confuse the viewer, causing them to face contradictory sentiments in the same image. Separately, these pieces have completely different meanings/cause the viewer to take away very different lessons.

Assignment #4: Memorable Moments – (original assignment post)

This assignment instructed us to pick a memorable movie quote and overlay it on top of a still from the same movie. The movie I picked is called Seven starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. At the end of the movie, there is a dramatic scene in which the serial killer reveals a sick and twisted surprise for the two detectives who have been hunting him down (I don’t want to spoil the ending so that’s all I’ll say for now). This line is one of the most iconic and memorable lines from the movie. I overlapped this text on this still of Brad Pitt from the movie through the Instagram app. I chose to make the border around the text red to echo the violence of this scene in the movie. Pitt’s anguished expression and the bold text help create feelings of dread, fear, and horror that accurately reflect the scene. I think that this assignment matters as it helps to remind viewers about the artistic choices that make those moments of certain movies stand out so greatly in their minds. The staging, the lighting, the dialogue, the music, and so much more go into making a movie moment unforgettable. This assignment reminded me of all the design work that goes into making “movie magic”.

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