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Mash-mixes and Re-ups (Week 12 Summary)

live look at my brain after remix & mashups week

Mashup Assignment #1 (4 stars)

For this assignment, I used Pixlr to do some photo editing mashups with different movie stills. Below, you will see Tom Ripley and Dickie Greenleaf from The Talented Mr. Ripley arguing in a boat while Jack and Rose from Titanic exchange their last, sweet parting words. Be nice if the Ripley crew let them onto their boat…

Mashup Assignment #2 (4.5 stars)

This assignment was to show the progression of an actor/actress throughout their years in the spotlight. I chose to highlight Lindsay Lohan’s progression, as I grew up watching her movies all throughout my childhood and early adulthood. Her transformation is definitely dramatic, but I chose to include more of her better moments before her last picture in an orange jumpsuit. Please watch and listen along for the poignant song choice. I used a video template in the Tik Tok app to complete this assignment, and selected and edited the audio to match with the pictures the way I wanted.

Daily Creates – Week 12

This week’s #dailycreates were fairly simple, and are embedded below for your viewing pleasure!

Remix Assignment #1

Per the brief for the week, one of our “remix it” assignments needed to incorporate something we had already completed for the class this semester. While I was scrolling through the mashup assignments for the week, I was inspired by the assignments that detailed changing the audio behind a video to create opposing effects. For last week’s blog, I created a travel documentary trailer and placed a happy, upbeat audio track behind it that matched the mood of the trailer. To mix it up this week however, I went into iMovie again and decided to place a horror movie-esque soundtrack that did not match the content of the trailer at all. The resulting new trailer, embedded below, more so resembles one of the documentaries about a family murder-mysteries that are so popular today… a little eerie. But regardless, the message of the trailer was definitely remixed to create a bit of unease and confusion, which I believe was the point of this week.

Remix Assignment #2

This remix portion of this assignment emphasized over the top editing and color choices – I hope that is obvious by the otherworldly coloring of Katniss and Tris. It said to make the final product bad, and not the good kind of bad. I do however think that the strange colors are kind of reminiscent of a hellfire laden dystopia. I chose to combine these two franchises because they have nearly identical themes: dystopian societies, female heroine, survival, love stories, tyrannical leadership etc. I don’t think the world is ready for this crossover yet but when it is, I have the movie poster ready. The Divergent Games: the ultimate display of feminine strength and power. In theaters Summer 2050.

Here we are again at the end of another week. This semester is flying by.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s work, and as always – stay tuned for more.

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Lights, Camera, Radio!

Week 8 Daily Creates

This week, we only had 2 Daily Creates and I was very thankful because completing the radio show was very time consuming! However, they were entertaining as usual and my favorite one was recreating a childhood photo. I used a photo collage app for that daily create which was fairly simple, and for the other I simply looked up examples of Vogon poetry and wrote from the heart. Enjoy!

Radio Show – Operation Childhood

In this blog, I will be talking about the second half of the process in making our radio show. Firstly, we all texted to decide on a time that would work for everyone to actually record our show. We decided on a more relaxed, podcast style for the main content of our show, and a more scripted structure for the bumpers and commercials. On Wednesday at 3:30pm, we all got on the app Discord and decided we would record there because the sound quality is better than on Zoom. Initially, we ran into some problems on how to record our audio, because we couldn’t figure out how to use the digital assistant “Craig” who exists within Discord. We decided it was easiest to record the audio through the Voice Memo app on the iPhone. Because I was using Discord on my laptop, my iPhone was available to be used as the recorder. I set my phone a little distance from my laptop so the sound wouldn’t be muffled or altered from being too close to the speaker. We did a little test recording to make sure the quality was alright, and we were satisfied with it so we proceeded to record that way for the entire show. We all began to converse and tell our childhood stories, and it ended up going rather smoothly. We recorded our intro and outro during the take of our entire podcast so the editing process would be simpler. Once we finished talking, I uploaded the recording of our podcast into Google Drive and then shared it with my other group members so we would all have access to it. Our group member Jonah had the most audio editing experience, so he took the lead while we all met again to talk through the edits. We all emailed Jonah the audio files of our bumpers and commercials so he could put them all in one place with our podcast audio, and there it was! We had our completed radio show! I think for a first attempt, we did a fairly good job using audio editing techniques and creating a cohesive final product. I truly hope you all listen to our hard work, and I am looking forward to hearing the shows from the rest of the class.

Below, I am going to embed the link to our show for all enjoy!

As always, thanks for tuning in. More exciting things to come as the semester draws to a close! See you next week.

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Visualize With Me (Week 4 Summary)

Me analyzing pictures all week

Daily Creates: Week 4

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Weekly Summary! Starting off our show tonight are the one and only Daily Creates. In accordance with this unit, all of the Daily Creates this week were very focused on visual experiences. This weeks daily creates included kaleidoscope drawings, caption contests, and inserting ourselves (or our pets) into famous works of art. The kaleidoscope drawing create introduced me to a new website where all you do is draw funky patterns. It was interesting learning how moving the mouse in different ways allowed you to create new lines, shapes, and patterns. There was a bit of a learning curve as far as the mouse movements, but the assignment was so free flowing in both its creative process and final outcome. No matter how you chose to move your mouse, your kaleidoscope drawing was perfect as long as you did it! I found that I cleared my page over and over until it “looked right” to me, and once I had that I was ready to submit. That is one great aspect to art – its beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It was a very soothing exercise that produced many variations of digital, artistic expression.

The caption contest daily create was overall simple to produce. I screenshotted the image given to us on twitter, then uploaded it into instagram where I was able to type and overlay my desired text onto the image. I then fit the test inside the caption bubble and saved the updated image. I had to rotate the picture from portrait to landscape for the final product, then I uploaded the image to Twitter. I liked this create because we as the caption creator had to interpret the visual image and come up with a caption that would fit the scenario, adding wit or sarcasm at our leisure. I truly enjoyed reading the other submissions and found it unsurprising that several of the captions (mine included) referenced the chicken who crossed the road.

Finally, my absolute favorite create of the whole semester – life imitates art! Putting myself into a famous painting was something I had never thought of doing, but once I saw the create I was so excited. To accomplish this, first I screenshotted an image from Google of the famous painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer. Then, I opened my snapchat app and tried to angle my face the same way the girl was in the original painting, and took a picture. Snapchat has a feature where you can outline anything in a photo and create a sticker out of it, so I outlined my face and created my desired sticker. I then uploaded the image of the original painting into snapchat, and edited it by adding the sticker of my face onto the original girl. I had to touch the image up a bit with some drawing in snapchat, smoothing out edges and color correcting. Although the finished product wasn’t perfect, I loved my spoof image and thought it was very humorous. It’s probably going on my ds106 instagram.

*Yeah, I just uploaded it there. Here’s the link:

All Daily Creates completed by me this week are embedded below for your viewing pleasure 🙂


Week 3: Assignments and Reflections

Assignment #1: Doggos in Paris – (original assignment post)

This assignment was interesting and piggybacked off of one of my daily creates this week. I know I could’ve and probably should’ve used photoshop or something with this assignment but I thought it was fine for my purposes to use stickers again to incorporate landmarks in this basic photo of my dog. I think it adds a comical sense to the picture and it is obviously unbelievable because the structures look out of place. I don’t know, I probably didn’t do this assignment right but I liked it enough to go forward with it. I liked the cartoon-ish aspect to the photo. I searched up a Paris location filter to add to the effect, and added a yellowish tint to try and emulate and older photo.

Assignment #2: Art Comes to Life – (original assignment post)

This assignment popped out at me because I had already done a daily create with a similar prompt! The assignment was to try and recreate a famous painting or print. Above you can see the barely discernible difference between these two paintings of “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. I think added the original image as comparison actually changes the assignment a bit when you are comparing a reflecting. You can more clearly see the difference between the facial expressions, even though I tried my best to recreate it accurately you really think it looks close when you don’t have the original image pulled up right next to it. I think overall though I tried my best to twist and change the size of the sticker of my face to fit the shape of the girl in the painting’s face. I had to shade the image in places to further shape it and overall I think it is a good/funny attempt at recreation because these assignments give you the opportunity to discover/refine your editing abilities.

Assignment #3: Who Me? Yeah, Me! – (original assignment post)

This picture was fun to make, but it required a partner. Up until today I didn’t have another person to do this assignment with. I had tried to do it weeks ago but I couldn’t, so I was really glad that I finally got to try it. The provided tutorial in the assignment made it very easy to recreate. What you do is start on one side of a panorama photo, then run behind your photographer and get on the other end of the picture before the camera swivels there. This random dog was also featured and it was funny because he also followed the rules of the assignment just by trailing behind me. This assignment only took me one try and I really like the end result. Anyone with a phone that has panoramic capabilities can do this assignment quickly and produce a cool result seeing yourself (and maybe your dog) twice in one picture!

Assignment #4: Creature of the Night – (original assignment post)

For this post, I knew I already had a blurry picture that would be funny for this assignment. It was blurred to begin with, but it wasn’t quite obscure enough yet. I put the photo into the facetune app and played with the background. I used a tool to blur the background more as well as the edges of the figure (me running outside in the rain in socks). I also applied filters to try and blur my face more so it would be more ambiguous and featureless. Is that the flash? It could be, she’s going fast. Facetune is a good app usually used for editing photos to give them more clarity or hide imperfections, however through this assignment I found that it could also be used to make the photo quality worse if that is the desired effect.

Check out my other blog posts from this week!

As always, thanks for tuning it. More next week.