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Gaming Journal #2

Oh boy. Firstly, this week was exciting because I was finally got to dive into some serious gameplay!!! I have been playing BioShock throughout the week and wow – if my anxiety wasn’t bad before it sure is now. I am playing on Easy mode because although I have played some first-person shooter games before, […]

The Soft Truth: Reflection

The Soft Truth: Reflection

The soft truth is, as described by the author, a story about “the intersection of technology, popular culture, and the lived we have lived inside of machines”. The narrator/main character has just gotten fired from her job for something she said online, although exactly what was said is not revealed. She begins to see another […]

Podcast Resource Page

This page contains all relevant media that was referenced in the podcast, as well as a few extras, including little descriptions accompanying each so you can follow along as you listen or check back after to episode to see what we were talking about! Reference Map of the Islands of the Outer Banks Present Day […]