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Hello, Nice to Meet You

My first piece of our collective story

I’m looking forward to all the exploration and creation this class has in store. When I think of the y(our) story topic, I honestly feel a bit overwhelmed. How much of myself fits into the collective narrative? I’ve seen a lot of good advice on my classmates blogs, but what stuck with me the most was one that said do what makes you happy, because we don’t get more time. I am at a place in life now where I have no idea what to do or where to go, or if i’m in the right place. I want to be authentic in my personal exploration in this class, but how much to include, to tell? I’m usually more of a listener. But maybe I can find some semblance of a voice here and through experiencing y’alls creativity and expression as well.

Thanks for listening, stay tuned.

A little more about me

some tweets that made me laugh

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